About Us

What is Koinonia?

We admit it, this is an unusual name for a church! Koinonia is a Greek word meaning “fellowship” or “communion”.

It is used in Acts 2:42 to describe how the early church lived life with one another. Our desire as a church today, is to live life together, to teach one another, to fellowship and to serve one another as well as others.

What is Important to Us?

There are certain things that are important to each individual church. These are the things that are important at Koinonia.

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Our worship services and classes alike are teaching intensive. We want to make disciples that are consistently deepening in their faith.

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Our worship times are the time in the week when we gather to sing songs, encourage one another and teach God’s word. We celebrate communion each time we are gathered. There is also time set aside for prayer and the reading of scripture.

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On most Sundays we celebrate a fellowship meal together. This is a time for everyone to reconnect and catch up on what is going on in each others’ lives.

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Koinonia is always looking for ways to reach out to others, especially the unsaved among us, in humble service to our community. If there is a service need in the area, within the congregation or even a friend of a friend, we reach out to try and meet those needs.

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