What We Believe

Koinonia is a Reformed Baptist Church.

Reformed means that we teach the same doctrines as teachers from the Reformation period such as Calvin, Luther and Zwingli.  These men and others taught that man is born a sinner separated from God, and that before the world’s foundation God chose a people for himself.  This choice was not made by God based on any foreseen good in us since there is none after the fall of mankind in the garden.  At a time chosen by God, he calls us, and redeems us and therefore also seals us and guarantees us final salvation.

Baptist – This one is easier!  Baptist simply means that we baptize believers by immersion.  Also, we cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention by sending money to support their mission’s effort around the world.

Church –  The word “ekklesia” or church in the New Testament means “the called out ones.”  Those that God calls to be his own are part of a unique body of Christ around the world.  We join with all those that claim Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Read “The Long Version of our Beliefs” here.